I had a hip replace and thought I would never walk right again! The operation went well but I had never experienced so many limitations before. Therapy Unlimited was wonderful and showed me step by step how to walk again. They answered all my questions and concerns and it was so nice to have their support. They even helped me arrange transportation because I could not drive for a long time.


After a car rear-ended me, I had pain that radiated from my neck all the way down to my hip. I was in constant pain and didn't know if I would ever get my old life back. Therapy Unlimited is helping me to do just that with specific exercises and pool walking designed just for me! They even helped with my auto claim and explained the paperwork to me and sent all the reports that my insurance company needed so that everything was covered!


Here's what you need to know when coming for your appointments:

At Your First Appointment

We need to understand your Health History for proper treatment and have a few other forms that you will need to complete in order for us to work directly with your insurance company. Plan on arriving one half hour prior to your appointment to review and complete our necessary new patient intake forms.  It is imperative you bring with you your state identification card, prescription or referral from your doctor as well as insurance cards.  

Therapy Unlimited will verify your insurance coverage and explain to you what the insurance company will pay and what you may be responsible for as co-payment. Therapy Unlimited will bill your insurance company on your behalf and you will be responsible for paying Therapy Unlimited any deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance and/or services not otherwise covered by insurance plans.

Our head physical therapist will meet with you to conduct a comprehensive initial evaluation and will develop an individualized plan of care for you. Your first appointment will be longer than subsequent appointments to accommodate completion of paperwork as well as the initial evaluation in addition to beginning the prescribed plan of care.  Future appointments will depend on the extent of your plan of care based on your insurance plan, doctor's prescription and therapist's recommendations but usually range between one (1) hour and two (2) hours in length. 

For all Appointments

  • Wear loose-fitting exercise clothing, such as sweat pants, yoga pants or shorts and comfortable shoes such as sneakers.
  • If your individualized treatment program includes Aquatic Therapy - you will need to bring a bathing suit and towel. We encourage our patients to also wear water shoes or sandals in the pool area.
  • Arrive fifteen (15) minutes early if possible to incorporate signing in with our front desk, changing clothes if necessary, using facilities, etc. 
  • Most patients will receive a home exercise program that will compliment their individualized plan of care. These exercises may change over the course of treatment as your condition improves.  Please make sure that you understand everything and ask your therapist for any assistance to ensure that you are doing your home exercises properly before leaving.