The ladies here are really sweet. To see them each day is a treat. I’ve only been coming a short while and everyday they have a bright smile. I thank you ladies for your time, you share to make me feel special and show you care. I’m going to miss seeing you ladies each day, but in my heart and prayers you all will stay.

Love, Cookie

After a car rear-ended me, I had pain that radiated from my neck all the way down to my hip. I was in constant pain and didn't know if I would ever get my old life back. Therapy Unlimited is helping me to do just that with specific exercises and pool walking designed just for me! They even helped with my auto claim and explained the paperwork to me and sent all the reports that my insurance company needed so that everything was covered!


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Cardiac Care & Physical Therapy

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The role physical and occupational therapists can play in the rehabilitation of patients from accidents, surgeries and for preventative health is ever increasing and we now know they can be instrumental in cardiac rehabilitation as well.  Anyone having experienced a heart-related incident such as heart attack, failure, angioplasty or heart surgery should seek the care of a qualified physical and/or occupational therapist to be part of their cardiac rehab team.  

The American College of Cardiology has a great article here that discusses cardiac rehab in more detail.  If you or a loved one has experienced a cardiac event, we encourage you to meet with our staff regarding our cardiac rehabilitation program. 


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