I came to Therapy Unlimited for lower back pain and was impressed with how the staff reduced my pain and improved my quality of life.

~Greg A.

I was feeling off balance and my doctor suggested physical therapy. I am so glad I found Therapy Unlimited to help me! They designed a program to help me get stronger and more stable on my feet. I'm not afraid of falling and hurting myself anymore!


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Ankle Sprains & Rice?

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Fall brings cooler weather, baseball championships, basketball and football games, and lots of holiday parties to show off those gorgeous high-heeled shoes.  What do any of these things have to do with physical therapy? - Ankle sprains of course! And what does rice have to do with ankle sprains? R.I.C.E or "rest", "ice", "compression", and "elevation" is what anyone with an ankle sprain should do immediately following an injury.

Sprains can be mild to severe and very painful and potentially require a visit to the Dr. and/or subsequent physical therapy to promote healing. 

Follow the link to a great article on additional information about ankle sprains.