I want to thank Susan for being so kind to me and making me feel important Her staff are all wonderful and knowledgeable and I would recommend others to attend to their therapy needs here. I want to thank you all for fixing my back and neck issues and getting me back to functioning as well as teaching me how to maintain the exercises at home.

Susan G.

I came to Therapy Unlimited for lower back pain and was impressed with how the staff reduced my pain and improved my quality of life.

~Greg A.

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Fall Risk Prevention

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The term 'fall'-risk as it relates to our business doesn't evoke the spectacular colors or fun activities the season brings, but just as this time of year is an integral part of our weather cycle, a fall risk assessment is an integral part of a therapy evaluation. Fall risk assessments aren't just for "old" people. Risk factors for having a fall occurrence do include being of advanced age, but also include:

  • having previous falls
  • experiencing muscle weakness
  • having problems with gait or balance
  • poor vision, and
  • having the following conditions: arthritis, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson's or dementia.

Seeing a physical or occupational therapist can help you identify what in your surroundings or habits could be changed/modified to help avoid falls (ie: electrical cords, pets, improper shoes) as well as set up a good exercise and strengthening program to reduce your fall risk.

If you think you are a fall-risk, call us today to schedule a complimentary screening and learn how a plan of care with one of our physical or occupational therapists and help you avoid being a fall risk statistic.