Treatment has been great. I have been walking and bending over better. I’m able to do housework and a little yard work! Everyone I have worked with has done a wonderful job.

Kasia B.

Just saying excellent or exceptional is not enough for the work done at this place. They are doing, in my opinion, more good to me and other customers than the above words mean! When politeness, good manners and cheerfulness are on their side “nothing will go wrong”. Special thanks to Jennifer, LaNea and Sarah who attended me and to Kristen & Lauren & Jenny at the front desk.

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5.5 Million Kids Injured!

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                                                                    5.5 MILLION!!
Its a staggering number in and of itself, but if we told you it represented the number of kids aged 5 to 14 who are injured playing sports every year, it becomes even more eye opening.

We already mentioned how parents should watch backpack use as their kids return to school, but what about all the back to school sports? Baseball, football, cross-country, soccer...all these sports can lead to injuries both acute (think shoulder dislocation from a football hit, wrist fracture from a baseball thrown outside the strike zone, rolled ankle from the rough cross country course) and from overuse.

When we think sports injury, we usually conjure up the images noted above -single, traumatic events like broken bones. But almost half of injuries are caused from overuse - the repetitive motions occurring over time and which are more subtle: tennis elbow, shin splints, and swimmer's shoulder to name a few more obvious ones. These types of injuries are just as important to address because they can cause lifelong overall health problems.

Therapy Unlimited's staff can see kids of all ages and provide the care need to restore use, decrease pain and discomfort, and ultimately, get them back to playing what they love.

For more information about youth injuries attributed to sports, check out some of these links: