My hands got so stiff from arthritis that I had a hard time doing simple tasks with my fingers. Kristin worked with me and showed me exercises to do to help me loosen up my muscles and learn to live with my limitations. I am so grateful that I called Therapy Unlimited for my free consultation to learn that I could do something about my hands. My doctor thought it was a great idea to do therapy and wrote a prescription the same day I talked to him!


Thank you so much for helping aid my body in such a time of need. The staff at Therapy Unlimited is extraordinary. The are very present with their patients. Sam is extremely caring & compassionate. He always goes above & beyond to understand & help his patients. I highly recommend Sam & his assistants to anyone looking to improve their body’s needs. Thank you!

Erin V.

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Aqua Therapy for Disabilities

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Though almost 20  years old, the following article from WebMD is still highly relevant as it pertains to the multitude of benefits aquatic therapy or "water therapy" can have for patients with various disabilities including those that aren't always limited to physical ability such as cognitive issues like dementia and Alzheimer's.  In general, aqua therapy may improve:

  • balance
  • muscle strength & flexibility
  • mobility & pain management

Water therapy may also help patients:

  • Relax
  • Soothe aching muscles
  • Reduce uneasiness patients can feel while walking on land thereby decreasing risk of falls
  • Water’s buoyancy is rejuvenating, increases energy & flexibility
  • Naturally reduce swelling in lower extremities such as legs, ankles, and feet while increasing circulation

Read the WebMD article for more great information!