I was feeling off balance and my doctor suggested physical therapy. I am so glad I found Therapy Unlimited to help me! They designed a program to help me get stronger and more stable on my feet. I'm not afraid of falling and hurting myself anymore!


I tore a muscle in my knee when I was ice skating and had to have an operation to fix it. I ended up having 2 different leg casts over 3 month. My leg was skinny and weak and it hurt when I walked on it. Jennifer was my favorite therapist and with her help - I learned how to walk again! Everyone at Therapy Unlimited are so nice and they always told me what a great job I was doing even when I was grumpy!


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What is Direct Access?



The short answer:

Patients are entitled to treat with a physical or occupational therapists for 21 days or 10 treatment visits WITHOUT the need for a referral or prescription from a treating physician.


With the passage of SB 690 on July 1, 2014, Michigan joined 49 other status and D.C. in allowing patients to seek evaluation and treatment by a physical or occupational therapist for a window of time without a physician's referral. 

After 34 years of pushing for direct access and 3 years of being law (effective January 1, 2015), many people still are not aware of the access they have to physical and occupational therapy.  Enactment of SB 690 in 2014 was not only a victory for those in the physical therapy field, but more importantly, a huge benefit afforded to Michigan citizens.  

Direct access helps therapists provide high-quality, cost-effective and accessible health care coverage for consumers.

Let Therapy Unlimited's knowledgeable staff educate you more on the benefits of physical and occupational therapy and how direct access can assist you in the journey for better well-being! 

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